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Alright, I watched it. For 2 hours, it wasn't exactly an enrapturing plot line, but it does show a lot of promise. Lets run it down:

  • White Male Captain
  • Engineer with a Southern Accent
  • Black Conn Officer
  • Asian woman Comm Officer
  • Vulcan Female Science Officer
  • Alien Doctor

    Sounds a bit like the original yes? The tech looks good, and I like how they introduced some problems people have thought of, like the gravity generators and how people would be reluctant to use the transporters after it was first developed. Hell, they showed the introduction of Phasers as Phased-Pistols. Yay.

    I'm all about this vulcan though, and I understand Spock now. Yeah, smart is sexy. And this vulcan has yabos that scoff at gravity. It's all good.

    I have high hopes for this show, lets see where it goes.
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