Ryan (trinaryzero) wrote,

Looooong Day

Gods its going to be a long day. Being sick has severely thrown off my sleep schedule. So since I've yet to go to sleep, it looks like I'll be staying up for a long long time. I can't skip, I won't let myself do that. And I have a test.

Damn this is gonna suck.
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I hope your profs are more understanding than mine. This weekend, and Mon and Tue were shot for me because my head hurt too much to do anything. So not only was I not prepared for any class, but I hadn't done any makeup work. My soc prof doesn't seem to understand this and is being a pain. My spanish prof is cool, though. And hopefully I'll be able to shoot a roll of film today so my photo prof won't have any problems.

At least when you get back you'll be ready to pass out and sleep for hours. Hope you feel better and get some rest