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A Bane of My Existence: Bonnie

I've always kinda liked the name, Bonnie. It's my grandmothers name, but that probably doesn't mean anything. The name is very lyrical though, and I like that.

I'll go back to the beginning. Tuesday, October 29, and the time is about 10 PM. Kerr 7 hosted a Halloween party on the roof of the building, kind of a rave themed thing, so we wound up with Geiss projected onto the wall and techno music for a while. We were only allowed 50 people total on the roof, and we were full to the max for most of the night. Now, aside from my friends, there were still quite a few new people. It was great. Libby showed up, now Charles' girlfriend, and she brought along some of her freshmen followers. I suppose that just happens when you're somewhat experienced in the ways of college. Kallina, dressed as a hippie, showed up. She's pretty cool, but giggly and ditzy in a way that would piss most people off, if she wasn't so damned intelligent. Sandra showed up too, a tall, slender redhead who rides a motorcycle. God, Caleb would love this woman. Anyhow, she was perhaps dead, or undead, I don't know except it was fairly gory. Anna, a vampire, showed up as well. Anna has great blue eyes and for a while, I thought she was just cute, the other day while watching Yellowbeard, I came to the conclusion that she is a truly beautiful woman. She looks like a greek statue. And she's athletic and into sports, but not to a scary degree. Kevin likes her. Then there was a mime. She can't really tell her name of course, except she finger spelled it to me, and that was awesome. I like playing with sign language when I can. Her name was Bonnie. Now the thing is, Bonnie has great hands. I mean like, models hands. I was floored. I spent most of the night dancing with these girls. I actually got to dance one on one with every girl at the party, save for Bonnie. That's because Whitney pulled the "I'm going to stand in a corner, and though there's nothing romantic coming from you, you'd better dance with me or I'll stalk you and your grandchildren" thing. So I did, and I blew my chance with Bonnie.
Fast forward to the next day. Drummond 11, Libby's floor, invited us over for a movie and pizza. They then told us that we had to go cause they didn't get enough pizza for all of us. That's cool, maybe we misunderstood, that's fine. So we get back up and watch a movie, and then they kick us off cause a lot of them had a prior engagement, a party at the jock hall, to go to. Okay. That was kinda rude, considering we've had some pretty crappy floor functions with other groups. So we came back to our floor, there wasn't much we could do. Bonnie came over that night and when she heard of what happened, she stormed over to D-11 and got the other movie we were supposed to watch and stood up for us. She made a lot of friends on the floor that night.
I didn't get to experience all this, I was passed out cause of the monster headaches I've been having. Two nights later, I did run into her again. She had come up on the floor and was participating in a movie night. Tim had said he was going to ask her out. He did and she was unenthused, but she said yes. I slept most of that night again cause of headaches. She didn't see me though I did go to the movie night for about 10 minutes. Two nights later, I actually saw her again and talk to her for a few moments. I embarrassed her by remembering her name (how couldn't I? she was the talk of the floor!) and she couldn't remember mine. She went down to Tim's room and waited. An hour later, Tim and Ben come to my door asking if I'd seen Bonnie, apparently she was supposed to come up to the floor. They'd been out at the store. I told Tim where she was and he figured she'd left and then he went to play pool in the lounge . . . without checking his room. I dragged him down there and made him see her. Then I left. That's fine. I liked Bonnie, she was expressive and enigmatic, but Tim liked her so that put her off limits. Though this time, I decided, or rather, had decided for me that I wouldn't mentally switch her from "possibility" to "friend" status. I don't know why I couldn't. It's a pain in the ass. The next day, I played chess with Bonnie in Tim's room. I won, but the game took hours and hours. Actually, about 3 and a half hours. I had a lot of fun.
Bonnie kept showing up on the floor, playing cards and teaching us games like Mao and something like interactive solitaire. She even has a sign name now, I gave it to her. "Devil lady." That's what she gets for teaching us Mao wearing an angel baby-tee. Each time, she winds up near me, or I near her. It's not fair. The other night, we all went to IHOP and she was riding with me. Apparently she'd told Tim she wasn't interested. I guess that's why Tim is drinking straight bottles of Jagermeister now. She said she had a guy in Enid who she liked. Apparently, this is a longstanding like and he's just now interested in her. I think she's flattered and still likes him, but it seems kinda sad in some ways. I think she's liked him for better than 2 years now. Maybe its just sad for me.
Last night, we were playing the solitaire thingie, and she offered me a back rub. Know what I told her? "Normally I'd say yes, but no thanks." I'm a smart cookie. I do know that touching her would make it much worse, but we roughhouse a little as it is, tickling, picking her up and carrying her, etc. Several of the girls do that with us though. A back rub would have made it worse, but all I want right now is a hug.

Damn girls.
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